By partnering with a global network of leading edge technology designers & manufacturers, we have access to the next generation of technology solutions today

We are firm believers in the principle of ‘you get what you pay for’.

By only partnering with premium technology manufacturers, we ensure that everything we supply meets our exacting standards in all of the below areas…

Maximum Reliability

True value and Return on Investment with technology depend on user engagement. We know that if systems aren’t reliable – people just don’t use them. So we only work with suppliers that we know have a proven track record for excellent quality & reliability. A quick scan through our list of technology partners below will show you the calibre and breadth of our supplier network.

Lowest TCO

To ensure you invest in solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership for the lifespan of the equipment, we ensure that the best quality, professional grade systems are used so that you don’t have to bear the cost of unnecessary repairs and replacements. By investing in one of our comprehensive maintenance packages you can also achieve complete peace of mind & fix the total cost of your AV systems down to the the exact dollar.

Best Warranty Support

Every one of our suppliers has a comprehensive warranty coverage – up to 5 years in some cases.

We facilitate all warranty repairs meaning that your AV technology investment is fully protected.

Future Proofing

We keep a very keen eye on what’s in store for the technology industry. We know what tomorrow will bring so we can help you prepare today, making sure your systems are adaptable to allow for emerging AV technologies.


Most organizations want to grow. Your technology needs to grow with you, so our solutions are designed to be fully scalable, from single site installs to global enterprise networks.


Ensuring our solutions are fully compliant with industry standards means that you benefit from maximised interoperability. Want to interface your AV control with building management, security & Microsoft Exchange? No problem.

Our Audio Visual Technology Partners

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