Interactive Projectors for Classrooms

Bring classrooms to life with interactve learning.

Value driven interactivity and collaboration.

With our range of interactive projectors for education, you can experience a connected learning environment on any budget.

Interactive projectors offer a simple and effective solution for improving engagement and learning outcomes in today’s classrooms. Now you can make lesson content interactive, explore virtual worlds, even write into your pdf and office files with ease. We partner with a range of premium vendors to ensure you get the right technology for your learning space at the best price.

Digital touch on any flat surface.

Now you can add interaction to your digital lessons without losing valuable whiteboard space.

Our interactive classroom projector solutions can be set up to display on a dry-erase whiteboard, a blank wall, or even onto a table. That means when the projector is not in use, you still have access to valuable classroom surfaces for whiteboarding and other uses.

Our interactive projector brands.









Big and bright.

With up to 100-inch projected display and 4500 lumens brightness, an interactive projector offers great visibility for any classroom size.

A big and bright image means your students can easily see and interact with lesson materials and digital content. Our Epson and NEC interactive projectors can even be linked together to create entire digital walls for immersive learning spaces.

Complete Solutions

We work with you to build a solution that brings all of your classroom technology together.

From simple speaker systems to button pad controllers and wireless presentation systems, we can advise you on how to build a connected classroom.  That means it’s easy to use, reliable and leverages devices and other technology in your classroom.

Fit for any learning space.

Every classroom is different, so we tailor a solution for you.

Complete Bundles.

  • Optimized Dry-Erase Whiteboard
  • Button Pad Controller
  • Speakers

Install Types.

  • Wall Mounted
  • Table Mounted
  • Unified AV or DIY Install

Flexible Finance.

  • Education discounts
  • Trade-in programs
  • Government approved leasing

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