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A unified approach to improve learning outcomes.

At Unified AV, we partner with schools, TAFEs and universities of all sizes to help create powerful and flexible learning environments. We take a holistic approach to classroom solutions, ensuring people, spaces and technology are utilized to achieve improved learning outcomes.


We also partner with all of the leading education technology vendors, ensuring you get unbiased advice based on our years of experience in building & supporting interactive classroom technology solutions.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Education

Remove barriers to collaboration and engage students with active learning.



Interactive Displays


4000 Series


6000 Series + Kapp iQ

Experience the freedom and simple efficiency of running your next lesson using an interactive LED backlit, LCD display. These displays will form the centre piece of even the most aesthetic spaces, while providing you with an incredibly useful and engaging way to run your sessions. The panel uses integrated infra-red sensors to detect contact with the screen and gives you the unique ability to control your computer by touching the image.

No matter the teaching style or classroom environment, give students the best in collaboration technology. Built with the best in touch and based on 30 years as an industry leader, our genuine SMART interactive panels offer students and teachers an unrivalled natural learning experience. The 4000 series value range of SMART Board displays offers all of the benefits of an integrated education solution, at a budget conscious price point.

Never worry about classroom downtime with 50,000 hours* of stunning content quality and reliable service, outlasting typical technology lifecycles. Unlike consumer screens, we’ve designed our new generation of displays for the classroom. No more downtime xing burnt out projector bulbs, no shadows getting in the way, no glare or hot spots, and no faded images. Now with the built in collaboration features of Kapp iQ, implementing an agile learning environment has never been easier.

  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Practice problem solving
  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Natural interaction with SMART Ink
  • Silktouch technology ensures the most accurate & responsive experience
  • 5 different sizes for complete flexibility
  • Improved visibility means better engagement
  • No alignment issues, ongoing costs or downtime
  • Recognize different students at the board with Pen iQ

The new SMART Kapp iQ for Education.

Everything you need to drive a connected classroom in one interactive display.

Walk up and use whiteboarding.

Capture ideas & kickstart collaboration. Easily save onto the board or digital file, share on any device and even let students contribute from their desk. It’s as easy to use as a traditional whiteboard, with natural digital interaction.

Powered by SMART Learning Suite.

The world’s leading interactive classroom software is now even more powerful. Plug in your lap- top to experience captivating gamification activities, engage with interactive lessons, explore 3D models & create device connected assessments. Mac & Windows compatible.

Google Integrated.

Access SMART Amp, Lesson Activity Builder, Google drive, websites and multimedia content directly from an inbuilt Chrome browser so that you can teach entirely in the cloud.

Simple Screencasting.

Share teacher and student devices directly onto the display, with simple control & no cables or additional apps required.

SMART Board Primary School Classroom

SMART Classroom Software

Engage students with the power of natural SMART interaction – on any device, anywhere, any time.

SMART Notebook 15 Logo

SMART Notebook 16

Enjoy the benefits of a proven technology developed specifically for education over 22 years, and used in almost 3 million classrooms worldwide.

SMART Amp Logo


The software that allows students to learn & co-create content naturally, inside & outside the classroom, on any device. Winner of the 2015 BETT Awards.

SMART Kapp Logo

SMART Kapp App

Simple, multi-way whiteboarding between any device. Save todays notes & with a tap of your phone bring them back up on your SMART Kapp iQ display tomorrow.

The Unified Education Team

Speak to a certified expert about transforming collaboration in your school.

Education Specialists

Certified Technical Professionals

SMART Certified Trainers

Our team includes education specialists who have been trained as educators – so we know what you need to achieve success in the classroom. The approach we’ve seen achieve the most success is to look at classroom technology holistically and strategically. Start with your teachers – best practices are the lynchpin. If your teachers are motivated and equipped with the right skills and mindset, you are well on the path to success. Speak to one of our consultants to find out more about building a roadmap for your school.

Our technical specialists have unrivalled experience & expertise when it comes to supporting SMART solutions. Highly trained & certified, we can ensure you achieve maximum availability of your classroom systems.

Unified AV SMART Certifed Education Trainers are dedicated to ensuring your success with classroom technology. Whether it’s a refresh session to get you up to speed on the latest software, or a 5-year plan with quarterly workshops, we ensure that your teachers have the skills they need to deliver engaging, collaborative lessons with confidence. For remote schools, we can run interactive training sessions and webinars via SMART Bridgit conferencing.

  • At Glendal Primary School we received an excellent level of support service from Unified AV throughout and well after the installation of new interactive Smart panels across our school.  The staff at Unified AV were responsive, knowledgeable and highly approachable.  Any questions and concerns were promptly dealt with.   The new SMART Notebook software, in particular, is fantastic, and our teachers confidently utilize this to access and produce engaging slides.  These slides are used interactively with students to reinforce learning.  Ongoing Professional Development provided by Unified AV at teacher point of need has ensured that the software is being used effectively.   Glendal Primary School would not hesitate in recommending Unified AV to any other school looking to install Smart panels at their school.

    Kym Robinson Glendal Primary School

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