So simple that anyone can learn to operate your audio visual systems with confidence – and we mean anyone.

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What Do You Want To Do Today?


Here’s just some of the amazing things you can do with a single touch, using our simplified user control systems…


  • Turn your AV systems on and off
  • Switch inputs, channels & devices
  • Control volume and audio zoning
  • Quick start audio & video conferences from address book


  • Set lighting levels
  • Switch blinds and curtains
  • Control room partitioning systems


  • Activate & deactivate alarm systems
  • Control access points
  • View security camera footage and control cameras


  • Record & Stream presentations
  • Take notes and annotate live over presentations
  • Control multiple device access to shared display resources

We don’t have time to be constantly searching for remotes or replacing batteries. I know i can just walk into the room and with a couple of touches bring our whole system to life. I’d love one at home!


Use the power of touch.

From smartphones to installed touchpanels, there’s never been more ways to easily use your technology.


For personalised, mobile control, we can set up your iPhone or android Smartphone to create easy shortcuts that can speed up meetings and simplify the way you use technology.


For the BYOD environment, or just an economical solution to cut back on remote controls, we can use iPad or android tablet devices to control all of your systems intuitively and reliably.


For larger installations, our range of touch panels allow for fully flexible control with advanced features such as content preview and live annotations.


For enterprise clients, our web interface allows you to control all of your systems from another location. Turn on a projector in Dubai, close the blinds in New York, or turn up the heat in the London boardroom – all from your laptop.

SPOTLIGHT – Millward Retirement Home, Melbourne

The Definition of Simple

When this Melbourne retirement community were looking to create a centre for entertainment, community activities and worship – ease of use was at the top of their list of requirements.

When we installed a high quality AV system that includes projection & motorized screen, surround sound, audio zoning, laptop, blu-ray & live microphones – we had to ensure that their staff and residents could actually take advantage of their amazing new technology.

So we designed their experience from the ground up, so when a somebody approaches the AV touch panel, they are simply asked – “What would you like to do today?” and can select from a number of activities such as watching a movie or listening to an iPod.

Of course we include a second layer of advanced control for power users to access all of the features that this premium system has to offer, but we’ve made sure these are tucked away so as not to hinder or confuse the average user.


You don’t need to be an expert – that’s what we’re here for!  Our strategic approach to AV control systems ensures that you gain a full understanding of the benefits of this technology in your organization, as well as ensuring your system is tailored exactly to your needs.

Fully Customized

We build each system from the ground up, walking through the experience in your shoes to ensure everything is perfectly designed.

Fully Scalable

We design our systems to ensure they are future-proofed so that you don’t get hit with unnecessary upgrades or replacements.

Fully Supported

Our ongoing training and proactive approach ensures that your people are leveraging your AV technology to achieve their goals in new and exciting ways.


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